Wool: Wool has been utilized to make rugs for thousands of years. Antique rugs, ones that are passed on from age to age, are made from wool. It is standout amongst the most durable rugs choices in the market, Rug made from the fibre is the most well-liked rug options among customers. It is an amazingly flexible fibre that dyes easily and offers you endless options for colour selection while holding its appearance for an extended time of period.


  • Indian – Chokla (Best Wool In Indian Market)
  • New Zealand Wool
  • Mohair
  • Argentina Wool

Silk: Silk is coming under natural fibre normally used to make elegant Oriental Floor Covering. Due to its lustrous appearance and high tensile strength, it is highly prized. Sometime Silk fibres blend with wool to create detailed and colourful designs. A silk rug is a rich in texture as well as in colour, due to its texture, it becomes the luxurious choice among the customers. It is long lasting with proper care.


  • Fine Ply Silk (From China)
  • Sari Silk (India)
  • Thoaster Silk
  • Noil Silk
  • Saliver Silk

Art Silk: Art Silk also is known as Artificial silk or man-made silk that is made from plant material such as wood pulp. Art Silk is very simple to dye and soft to the touch and also it adds the shimmer and lustre to designs.

  • Viscose
  • Bamboo Silk
  • Banana Silk

Cotton: Cotton rugs are very much popular for casual and simple décor. Cotton is a plant-based, fluffy fibre that found around the seeds of the cotton plant. The best part of the cotton is that they are very easy to wash either by hand or washing machine. Cotton rugs are normally flat weave or braided, and also they go well with jute rugs. Cotton Rug is inexpensive than wool rugs and has a more casual look.

Jute: Rugs made from Jute Fibre are the best option for your home. In these type of rugs, you can find out the number of patterns and design. Jute Rug is the alternative option for those who have allergy from wool. These carpets are pet-friendly as well and anyone can clean very easily, it requires the only vacuum cleaning most of the time. It offers natural beauty to any space in which they’re utilized.

Polyester: Polyester is an extremely long-lasting fibre that uses in the making of the rug. Polyester fibre provides exceptional colour clarity and softness and is also naturally fade and stain resistant. We utilize pet yarn. Shaggy, Kilims can be used for outdoors as well as indoors. Polyester fibre is a type of synthetic fibre used in the rug. The polyester rug is the best choice when it comes to environmental impact.

Leather: The leather is long lasting, reasonable natural fibre that includes a unique sentiment of luxury and softness to an area rug. At The Rugs Store, we deliver the fine choice of all leather rugs, as well as leather- jute and leather – cotton blends. They are colourful and attractive woven rugs, it is high-quality handmade rug crafted by professional rug makers. You can find the wide variety of colours in the leather rug, in addition to the more traditional white or brown or black tones normally available in patchwork rugs.