The Rugs Store is an exclusive Manufacturer and exporter of quality rugs for the markets outside our country, India. Our products are traditionally crafted in a conventional environment. We provide our customers with unique hand made carpets online. Our store offers the widest range of colors, designs, and textures that are sure to add warmth and personality to any room. You can Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA from The Rugs Store.

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Our superb plan studio is the place a great deal of innovative procedures occurs. The planning group is continually pushing the envelope to make remarkable perfect works of art that are either propelled by the traditional school of floor covering weaving or by present-day, contemporary artistic expressions.

When a plan has been finished, the creative group concludes the shading palette. Now and then a structure is to such an extent that it requires an intense, energetic shading family while at times we push forward with an exquisite, modern palette.


In true sense, most cutting edge mats are made with similar procedures utilized by ace weavers for many years. The best hand-woven carpets despite everything require impressive time and tender loving care. And keeping in mind that machine-made carpets can be made more rapidly, similar fundamental strategies stay set up. As a rule, the quality and cost or your mat will be controlled by the development time and the ability of the weaver. In any case, remember to think about surface and appearance when shopping. To help slender your alternatives, find the remarkable highlights of these basic carpets and Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA from The Rug Store.


The hand knitted mats and carpets are knitted by Hand-hitching, which is the most authentic carpet making system. Ace weavers attach singular bunches to the twist yarns that make up the length of a floor covering. Together, these knots structure the genuine surface, or heap, of the floor, covering. By and large, the more knots, the more strong and significant the floor covering. Likewise, no two hand-tied mats are similar.


Tufted rug fabrication easier to make, tufted mats are made without ties. Rather, loops of yarn are just gotten through a carpet’s supporting material, either by machine or hand-held tool. The loops are then sheared to make a smooth, cut-heap surface. Since less work is included, even the best-tufted mats can be delivered generally rapidly and economically. Note that tufted mats will in general shed more than all other mats, which may require generally more vacuuming. Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA


Hooking is much the same as tufting, aside from the yarn loops remain flawless. In a snared carpet, loops of yarn are gotten through the carpet’s supporting material by machine or with a hand-held snaring needle. Be that as it may, rather than being sheared, the loops are disregarded, making a bumpy, weaved look.

Flat Woven

Flat-woven carpet making is unlike the mats above, flat weaving doesn’t have a heap. Rather, the floor covering’s twists are essentially woven through the level yarns. Flat-woven carpets, for example, Kilims and Dhurries, can be delivered by hand or machine. 


Interlaced carpet or mat making or braided carpets are similar to flat weaving, do not have a heap and are normally reversible. Yarns are twisted into one ceaseless rope that is then sewn together in a winding manner. The outcome is an extremely solid, strong piece that holds up in almost any condition.

Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA – TheRugsStore

Eventually, the hand made carpets and mats are believed to be made everywhere throughout the world. The quintessential style of rugs, hand woven was initially found in Asiatic areas. These exceptionally prized examples of floor covers were later imitated by the European countries. Such covers are developed by cutting the lengths of yarn. The cut parts of the bargains structure the heap of the rug that is attached in columns crossways to twists. Each line of bunches is isolated by different picks of wefts, fixed in as exchanging arrangement of the plain weave. You can find such carpets on The Rug Store available in a wide range of colors and designs. Even if you live in any part of the world, it is easily accessible to you, Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA from our official website.

We anticipate serving you through our predominant quality items, unique choice of designs and unmatched service. Having our corporate office in Jaipur, We have the excellent collection of Hand Knotted, All sorts of designers Handmade Rug, Cushions and Accessories under one rooftop. We aim to serve the clients with our high-quality products available in an inclusive range.

As a vertically-united organization, The Rugs Store Global directly claims and controls the pillar facility in the production of the rug. Raw material sourcing, spinning, dyeing, designing, and finishing, are altogether managed by The Rugs Store’s expert team of employees. Accordingly, The Rugs Store is a brand synonymous with quality and excellence. Whether it is woven, or tufted or knotted, a purchaser can relax in the way that a premier and high quality floor covering has been bought, Buy Carpets Online at Best Prices in USA.

Sari Silk Rugs

The Rugs Store introduces our fine collection of sari silk rugs. These rugs are made from yarn that is used to make silk saree in India. Saree is a dress worn by Indianwomen. Idea is to make the rug nice beautiful as the Indian saree, as it has very good shine and has lots of colours (colourful).

Each sari silk rug is one of a kind and cannot be made same, it will have a difference of 20-30%. Because of the unique nature of sari silk yarn, no two sari silk rugs are alike.

Each carpet made from sari silk is art, as the yarn is handspun and has an irregular natural twist so it a cannot be controlled in dying, it takes many shades of each colour and gives a huge abrush in dying.