At The Rugs Store, we take great pride in combining modern business platforms with traditional expertise. Our products are mostly handcrafted in the conventional environment in rural India. Company “The Rugs Store” is committed to making sustainable communities to offer a brighter future for everyone. With our uncommon knowledge and understanding of people and India’s rural heritage, we are developing a legacy that helps us to meet our global demands.

We believe in to make an experience that helps us to transform brands, enhance businesses and improve individuals’ lives. Our most jazzy homegrown talents of art on their interests, We offer custom-designed rugs as well as with our innovative designs and creative plans we transform rugs into bits of art. Our design studio gives various options of varieties from premium levelHandknottedrugs and carpets made in Handspunpure silk that look like a canvas painting (such as Kashan, Tabriz, Taj Mahal and many others). With our enthusiasm for innovation and quality, we have built up ourselves as a quality manufacturer and are serving different customers all over the world.

Our customers cover some of the popular stores, mailorder companies and catalogue buyers around the world. We anticipate serving you through our predominant quality items, unique choice of designs and unmatched service. Having our corporate office in Jaipur, We have the excellent collection of Hand Knotted, All sorts of designers Handmade Rug, Cushions and Accessories under one rooftop. We aim to serve the clients with our high-quality products available in an inclusive range.

As a vertically-united organization, The Rugs Store Global directly claims and controls the pillar facility in the production of the rug. Raw material sourcing, spinning, dyeing, designing, and finishing, are altogether managed by The Rugs Store’s expert team of employees. Accordingly, The Rugs Store is a brand synonymous with quality and excellence. Whether it is woven, or tufted or knotted, a purchaser can relax in the way that a premier and high quality floor covering has been bought.

Sari Silk Rugs

The Rugs Store introduces our fine collection of sari silk rugs. These rugs are made from yarn that is used to make silk saree in India. Saree is a dress worn by Indianwomen. Idea is to make the rug nice beautiful as the Indian saree, as it has very good shine and has lots of colours (colourful).

Each sari silk rug is one of a kind and cannot be made same, it will have a difference of 20-30%. Because of the unique nature of sari silk yarn, no two sari silk rugs are alike.

Each carpet made from sari silk is art, as the yarn is handspun and has an irregular natural twist so it a cannot be controlled in dying, it takes many shades of each colour and gives a huge abrush in dying.

Sari Silk